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With over a pair of billion users across the world, WhatsApp is arguably one amongst the foremost dear applications within the world. it’s been unendingly adding associate array of options to become a de-facto mode of communication.


Its audio and video line options have replaced network concerns most people, however area unit you tuned in to all the guidelines and tricks to fancy a seamless decision expertise on the app? we’ve compiled an inventory of high five ways in which will facilitate yo do this. Check them out below.

5 tips to enhance your WhatsApp video and voice calls

  1. Switch to Wi-Fi: robust and stable net affiliation could be a pre-requisite for error-free WhatsApp video or audio calls therefore, if you’re facing problems with the decision quality, try and switch to Wi-Fi rather than mobile knowledge. this may improve impaired video quality and voice problems.
  2. alter ‘Low knowledge usage’: you need to have typically found yourself low on mobile knowledge whereas you’re creating a WhatsApp video/audio decision. fortuitously, WhatsApp provides associate possibility referred to as low knowledge usage within the Settings menu. once you alter it, the app can minimise the information usage and improve the decision quality by utilising the information to the optimum level.
  3. shut apps running within the background: There could be possibilities that your phone is burdened with plenty of apps running within the background, resulting in poor performance throughout WhatsApp calls. So, next time whenever you create a turn the app, check that that your apps area unit enclosed the background.
  4. shut down Bluetooth and Battery Saver mode: WhatsApp in its web log post says, “Your battery saver and Bluetooth affiliation may cause problems with WhatsApp calls. If your battery saver is turned on or Bluetooth is connected, please strive disabling them.”
  5. Restart your device: strive restarting your smartphone and check that no different application is exploitation your electro-acoustic transducer, earphone or cameras.
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