Trippy Microsoft Flight Simulator mod adds Mario Kart tracks

Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart tracksMicrosoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart tracksMicrosoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart tracks

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Honest correct in case Microsoft Flight Simulator is a little bit too hyper-lifelike to y our tastes, somebody went ahead and modded the game to embrace varied tracks from Mario Kart 8.

As noticed by Kotaku, modder Illogicoma pulled a total of seven Mario Kart 8 tracks from Objects Handy resource and, with the abet of a Blender add -on, made them appear in the most up-to-date Microsoft Flight Simulator.Before you win too enraged, the Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart mod is now not on hand for public download, and it would perchance well well by no technique be. However it surely is titillating as hell to ogle somebody fly a correct-to-life airplane thru these goofy Mario Kart tracks treasure Mount Wario, Illogicoma’s all-time approved, and Moo Moo Meadows, the one with the cows that purposefully win in your technique, the substantial jerks.

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